Winter in America

And ain’t nobody fighting  / Cause nobody knows what to save / Save your soul, Lord knows / From Winter in America


Beneath The Paving Stone, Keuken!

Keuken was on any good terms about turning over the dull city street to an enormous outdoor venue for the last Sunday July 24th 2011, and we’re very excited to know that it was really real. Our previously dry-fashioned Cikapundung street was becoming a total new home, or more like a back yard, or a casual park with asphalt on topping that day. The people could roam the landscape, experiencing all the top-end excitement of  the so-called public space pleasure. It was the street that (finally) can make you lounge, and where you can sip on fresh juices and milk shakes. Delicious foods were on our hands, over and over, and the music added up to nothing but the good news.

We are sure that this is just the beginning, but of course it’s worthy of a *cheers 

Beneath the paving stones, the kitchen!

(photo by. Amanda Amelia)

Girl…..(dem-paw-paw-pawwwww) …You’ll be a woman soon….


Jakarta Berkebun (Urban Farming) 20/02/11

People in big cities love to dream big: business lines, politics, sports cars, speaking english in public, Moët & Chandon, high rise apartment flats, shoes, willpower, religious conviction, idealism, academic degrees, self-approval, money, war, or else, revolution.

They are so big you probably crush yourself to their conscious rejection of small things.

Despite the nerve-racking truth, a rather down-to-earth charitable event conducted by @jktberkebun (whose members brought together by a spontaneous twitter meet) came to pass a warmhearted wind, and started a little thing that was simply stimulating (in a soft and more exactly humble way) last Sunday.

They are indeed so small you probably crush yourself to their simple, little, complete values.

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Bits & Pieces: D-Fuse + Re: Imagining The City 2008 (Part 1)

2008 was Big, nonetheless the fact that we were just not that into this subtle world of visual culture yet, we weren’t believing in anything too strange, literature was trivial, VJ-ing was a mere gadget –for a kid who didn’t really care about how it works and what’s that then– and that’s that. All in all, anything’s still good enough; spontaneous, phenomenological, actively intuitive, worthwhile. Were we meant to be there? Because we weren’t sober enough to welcome a week of massive counter-spectacles spectacular showcase, conducted by the London-based media artist collective, D-Fuse.

For us, however that was exactly the moment when our academic burden tipped to simply, a life enthusiasm. Every motive came fascinating, to the fact which they [D-Fuse] aim their cross-disciplinary excitement to highlight some of the social and environmental issues that arise in the emotive aspects of the city, again through the medium of arts.

Urbanism and its dynamic issues are the energy that was synchronizing; City’s like a mix of weeds, slaws and salads matched in the same bowl, put straight on an open table next to the young and the not so young vegetarian bimbos craving for a full-on vegetarian fast-breaking.

It was happening in 5 days, with Bandung as a fresh flesh ready for a surge in the collaborative art project entitled “Re-Imagining City: Bandung”. The project included quite a criss-cross practice between the work of several local photographers, someone who’s not really a photographer, video artist, musicians, as well as the D-Fuse crew themselves, recognized as a sound artist, a VJ, and a researcher. Enthused by the ideas of Psychogeography, the team filmed, recorded, discussed, and creating a new whole audiovisual stage play played live in Gasibu. The project outcom contents with the ‘ambiguous’ scenes of the city-scapes, experimenting with straightforward investigation of the specific geographical environment that consciously or not shaped the emotion and behavior of the city dwellers. Read the rest of this page »

Bits & Pieces: Interview With MUA’s Saito Nonomi (2009)

Industrial Design ITB, March  4th 2009

So God was creating Japanese. And his little assistant came up to him and he said: “Hey, These people got all the gold: The All supercool random human skills, high technologies, legalized porn, and even Yoko Ono!”. I swear on my mother’s eternal soul what on Earth’s happening?” And God said: “God…! That isn’t my job to hell with anyway; it’s your problem to live out on them as decent human beings. I love them- we all do – but there are other things in life, you should know, “learn anything from anyone, and let yourself grow in your own way, interpret it as you will, because by it you Exist!

And then, God created Bamboo…….. And the Bamboo Workshop in ITB 2009…. ….…(holy crapp)

Anyway, I’ll not just be talking to myself to tell you this interesting event, because I have Saito Nonomi, our friend from Musashino Art University talking more than just the goddam art…(errrr) We’ll smash the chat, we’ll get the bamboo safe and then we’ll outflank you, yeah? bless




Why do you feel it is important to visit Indonesia? ITB is good university, we have great connection, but to me it’s actually all right no matter where, it’s all about learning.

The visionary thoughts about disruptive innovation has the chance of bringing bamboo into a new tendency in the design market, as a low cost product with maximum performance that is much affordable for the people (buyers), what do you think? I figure it’s happening lately, we make chair, table, & lamp from it, but we’re not really sure as if  it’ll be much cheaper in the market. But the thing is, It’s environmentally better, so it should be more than a tendency

How does the government get right in the middle of this innovation in Japan ? they do well, Bamboo is growing so fast, so we don’t need cutting off such trees, it’s ecologically+economically efficient, and thus the Government feels the necessity to do the best to preserve everything;

Dislike(s) from bamboo? Sometimes, bamboo is not that strong, and it’s not that good to use bamboo for watery functions.

Prejudice always obscures the truth: what does “contemporary architecture” mean to you? I like natural architecture! Island is heating so architecture must be natural, I know everybody wants the new one, the ever modern thing, but there’s already lot of dust in world. So I think LET’S BE NATURAL!

what  do you like most about this city? The People! So funny! but The weather seems like the best thing! I want to live here, seriously.

About The Boys? VERY HANDSOME. (hahahahaha)… Everyone is handsome here……(shyiiieeettt……)

About this overrated presumed 2012’s doomsday, what would you do with those bamboos at the very day? Hahaha no no no! otherwise I do believe Bamboo will even prevent the doomsday itself! If people use bamboos to live, then will be no doomsday at all! And I also believe that if earth had gone on that way, the heaven would still has a lot of bamboo …hahaha.

About this trivia part, what’s with the Japanese major leisure? The proliferation of the nuclear porn, tell me the truth? Every so often Japanese people watch porn, it’s more than Famous in Japan!! ahaha

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House The House: Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers #2 : Surabaya

January 18th – 20th 2011

Ricoh KR-10
Lucky Color 200 (Color)

photo. Findhika Putra

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House The House Let’s Get Lost #1 : Denpasar-Bali

Another Bali-day is coming, which means that Orders’ Creative director Vicky Age’s gonna have to go waste more time and money on crap-ass visitors’ tour and make sure they have plenty of good old hangover sunrise like every morning (rrrrrrrrr). As what have been told by the previous post, happily, this is the time for House The House (A Combination of a intergrated design studio and a vegan party who loves to hug trees and eats organic mushrooms) to have Vicky’s vibrating-tits brusting with massive excitement!


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Unsurprisingly…., you know,”tourist”.

To hell with the urban Amsterdam folkssss, zzrrrrrtttttttttttzzzzzzz

Coney Island (is For Hustlers)

If you really are a tough guy, and have ever wondered where to holiday in New York City in the winter, the answer is Coney Island, Brooklyn. Go on and take the 8 dollars mini-cigar you’ve been saving for a rainy day and watch the beauty of this Warrior’s homeland. It’s really, not-beautiful.


this  random russianhead papa is a half-indonesian just so you know, duuudddde i love new york

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Speaking of: Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs

Cause on the surface the city lights shine
They’re calling at me, come and find your kind
Sometimes I wonder if the world’s so small
That we can never get away from the sprawl

Living in the sprawl
Dead shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains
And there’s no end in sight
I need the darkness, someone please cut the lights

(Arcade Fire – Sprawl II / Mountains Beyond Mountains)

The key to all sort of beauty about Arcade Fire is obviously their own enormous ‘passion’ that expressively scaled through their intimate music, as well as their drums that sound excessively rrgggggh…, moving! In “Sprawl II: Mountain Beyond Mountains” the band sings about a scene where we’ve been living for years, and it could have been a tiresome expressive wordings we might keep in mind like….perhaps, Forever. No question, there’s no album more interesting to tell to your children than the idea of The Suburbs, it has to be.

How come, you still listen to U2..

photo: Leonard Kawun

Thanks to Eydel who keeps telling us it’s a Régine Chassagne’s voice waiting to blow.

Wake Up in The Morning, Feeling Like Happy New Year

We had promised you a book to launch last year, we haven’t made it yet (bitter truth, there were nothing so momentous too for the rest of our 2010), another stories we wish we could explain have to be ceased in a while, they might have missed the moment, but a better upcoming moment (we believe) is yet to come, this year.

So anyway, there was a habitual NYE we had last night, somewhere at the deep outskirt of the city, really lovely but we actually had it done quite early by 4 in the morning, and as to my surprise, i was waking up about 2 hours later then (Which was around the 6-ish), and by the glimpse of that surprising morning bright, i kind of felt like there are something really nice going to be happened this year afterall, i dont know, i aint superstitious, i took the picture:

no matter what,

To weird feeling in the morning, to ward all the witches and all the haunted hearts possesed by the evil spirits in the past. Happy new year, better life!

Bandung – Singapore (via Brakeless Balls)

(photo via @crankarmsteady)

Unsurpisingly, the term “City” didn’t come any simple from any of those sophisticated 2nd millenium masculine thinkers (who have multi-hypothetical acquaintance of  at least math, architecture, neurology, physics, and metaphysics at once). But luckily today, people rather develop a derived ‘meaning’ of City—that of “spaces where they can stroll, lounge, roam, saunter, loaf, (and now) plus ‘ride a bicycle’ within it, in order to experience it as collected narrative of places”

Furthermore, because of the idea of the strolling around and having fun in the city have accumulated significant meaning as a referent for understanding urban phenomena and modernity, so we are here then, accross the sea, shouting ‘happy-riding-shout!’ to our BDG homeboy gang who will be participating in and portraying the bright lights of Singapore this weekend in the Tour Of Singapore 2010.

Pedal strong, hit the road

Big Smog Above

(4/12/10 13:42)